3…2…1…and she’s off!

Well, hello, you Stellar People of the Internet. And Happiest of New Years to you and yours. It’s so good to see you around these parts. Really, it’s so good. It’s been awhile. I mean, since I blogged. I mean, it’s been a long while since I really blogged. See, life happened. Hard life. REALLY hard life. {See future posts, Keyword: Adoption REALLY HARD Adoption Stuff.} So, I took a blog hiatus (a long one) as God mandated and life necessitated, and I hunkered down in the trenches to cope, periodically coming up to ground level to check out the landscape, reach out for a lifeline, and then return to the work/battles/challenges at hand.

I suppose I might always be in the trenches. Or on the front lines. Or treading water. Or whatever metaphor suits my fancy in the moment. And that’s okay. It really is. After all, that’s life, right? At least, that’s my real life. And so it is.

So, whether from here in the trenches or at ground level, in the midst of the chaos or in the serene, in the middle of the ginormous waves or on the calm seas, let me officially welcome you to my new web site. Welcome to Out of She Mind. Feel free to peruse and ponder and get to know She a little better. Want to know Why She? {I’m so glad you asked.} Stop in and introduce yourself to She. Connect with She. Follow She. Share She with a friend. Or a foe. Or two. Or more. All are welcome. Welcome to She.

Now that you feel at home around here (that could be a slightly disturbing thought, no?), let’s get down to business. But seeing as this is the very first blog entry on a very brand new web site with a very savvy audience, what business could possibly be required? Good question. (Thanks, that’s why I asked it. Or you did. Or whatever.)

I am supposing you might be wondering what to expect if you stick around here for anything longer than this here blog entry. I am guessing you might want to know what you’re getting into (if you don’t already). I am thinking you might be intrigued but possibly not yet fascinated. I am hoping you’ll hang around for more.

So, without further ado (I know…Shut up, already, right?), allow me—She—to present to you…

A Plethora of Promises I Plan to Keep (Or At Least Go Down Trying To):

(Hey, effort counts for something, right? Just don’t ask me how my plans usually work out.)

  1. I promise to be funny. I mean, at least to myself. I promise to make myself laugh. Now, whether or not you smile, laugh, LOL, ROFL, or LYAO is entirely up to you. But I promise to make you try, even when I’m not per se trying.
  2. I promise to be fair. After all, I’m a huge fan of equal opportunity and justice for all. All get a chance to speak up here. All get a fair shot of offering their point of view. All get a say. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. {But just a kind tip: It helps when you’ve thought about the backbone of your opinion before you speak up to defend it.}
  3. I promise to not play favorites. Hey, I used to be a middle child. I get it. So just because you agree with me on every single point, I’m not going to be your BFF. If you don’t agree, I’m not going to drop you to the bottom of the pile. I love you all. You’re all my favorites. (How’s that for some genuine pandering to the masses?)
  4. I promise to not be perfect. I will sometimes fail. I often do. I will not always get it right. I won’t always say the right thing. I will sometimes answer the wrong way. I will speak at the wrong times saying precisely the wrong words in exactly the worst of ways. Perfect? Psha. Hardly.
  5. I promise to be real. Really real. Partly because it’s therapeutic and healing, and partly because it’s all I know to be these days. I grew up keeping my reality to myself, but I’ve since found that it’s the realness and rawness that mean the most. (Plus, I’m the world’s worst small talker. I just can’t do fake.) So just to burst your bubble up front, I won’t pretend I have it all together, that my kids are angels, that there hasn’t been a full-size recliner sitting at the end of my driveway in the rain for the last month, that my husband and I have no struggles, and that life is all roses and cherries. Because I WOULD BE LYING.
  6. I promise to not get too political unless necessity/justice/ethics/urgent matters of the day demand it. {BTDT. You win some you don’t need to win, and you lose many you didn’t want to lose.} So, whether you’re a Fox News Die-Hard Fan or Anderson Cooper’s PR Rep; whether you’ll vote for the next White Guy to Rule the World or usher in the First Woman President; whether you give a rip about the political scene or could care less; you’ll find something here for you. Doesn’t mean you’ll agree, but you’ll have a place at the table. Because there are big things at stake that demand we stop the political game-playing. Because we could all use some objectivity. And because politics for politics’ sake is soooooooo 2008.
  7. I promise to write about lots of things that matter…and many things that don’t.  You don’t have to expect a Sarah McLachlan-esque plea with every post. (Oh, wait. You can expect that never. I don’t exactly like dogs. Call PETA now.) But I won’t hide from the realities in this world. The realities that matter. Really matter. But I’ll also share with you how I replaced the toilet after an industrial-size auger and plastic toy food item (Thank you, Dominic) were both stuck in it for a month. Because between the crap in this world that matters more, there’s other less controversial crap to deal with as well.
  8. I promise to think long and hard about what I say before I actually say it. So while you might think “Gosh, this SHE lady is so freaking stubborn. She won’t bend. Her opinion is so fixed. She NEVER changes her mind!,” you’ll have to realize that I don’t hold to my views lightly. I think long. I think hard. I question. I wonder. I ask. I digest. When I come to a conclusion, it’s not because I jumped; it’s because I contemplated and analyzed for a very long time. When I settle upon an opinion, my teeth are sunk really deep into it already. And I think that can be a really good thing. Sure, my thoughts can evolve over time, but not without a great deal of chewing and chomping.
  9. I promise to always hate cooking. So, if you’ve come here looking for Top Ten Large Family Meals by Heidi Weimer, you’ll need to find a new site. Or better yet, make one up. You can even use my name. Because I love some good irony. And bacon.
  10. I promise to talk about justice. For women. For orphans. For the poor. For the marginalized. It’s my passion. It’s in my blood. (Got a Justice tattoo and a kid of the same name to show it.) It’s what I do and live for and believe in the most.
  11. I promise to talk about Jesus, because He’s why I do what I do and live how I live and say what I say, but I promise if you don’t know him or follow him or really don’t even care for Him, you won’t be bludgeoned with a Bible or forced to the fringes or suckered into a pseudo-salvation. In fact, I’ll offer you the best seat in the house. I promise. Because that’s what Jesus would do. And I want to be like Him the most.
  12. I promise to annihilate/destroy/delete/block mean people. If you pop in only to be a Meanie Face Turd-Head or name caller (oh, sorry…my bad), start fights, or just regularly spew your self-righteousness all over the place, I will kindly ask you to clean up your vomit, spray some air freshener, and take your tush out of my virtual living room. And if you don’t, I’ll call my virtual bouncers. (Yeah, I gots them.) Your thoughts are welcome here. Your ideas and perspectives and opinions have a place. Your personal attacks, patronization, and put-downs, however, do not. This is not the place for personal destruction and finger-pointing. (Lord knows there are already plenty of venues available for that.)
  13. I promise you won’t always like me, and it might even be my fault. And that’s okay. I won’t lose too much sleep over it. (Heck, I don’t sleep much anyway.) I don’t need everyone to like me. Nurses always tell me my skin is extra-ordinarily thick, and it takes a few hard jabs to get the needle in. If you don’t like me, it’s okay. You are still welcome here.
  14. I promise not to make a point to offend, but I promise to make you uncomfortable. It seems that’s what I do. Whether on purpose or not, I tend to walk people to the edge of the cliff of comfort and make them think they’re about to get pushed off. But you won’t. Unless you fall. Or jump. And you might. And that’s sometimes okay, too. Correction: that’s often okay. But it won’t hurt when you land. (I’ll toss you a parachute.) Discomfort is a rather comforting place to be, I’ve found.
  15. I promise to not talk about myself all the time. But then again, it is my blog, so if you don’t want to hear about me, my thoughts, my views, my life, my kids, my husband, or my stupid pets, or my toilet that keeps overflowing, you probably don’t want to be here anyway. There’s a bit of presumption that accompanies branding yourself into a blog, but I am equally as interested in you as I hope you are in me.
  16. I promise to listen. If I could (and I might), I’d invite you to my Goldfish-encrusted sofa, pop open a can of Diet Dr. Pepper for you {sorry, I don’t have any coffee…I know, that’s CRAZY, right?}, hear your thoughts, and listen to your point of view…even if I think you’re totally out of your mind, too. Because that’s what this is all about after all…Listening. Sharing. Learning. Loving. Leaning. Kumba ya and blah blah blah.

So, there you have it. Pretty sure that’s more promises than I made on my wedding day 15 years ago, but they are promises nonetheless. And just like I don’t always hold up my end of the deal in my marriage, I probably won’t here, either. But I’ll try my damnedest. And we’ll both be forgiving and full of grace.

You in? Good. Me too.

And since we now officially have a deal, would you allow me this first indulgence and leave a little comment, introduce your fine selves, and then (pretty please) share this post with your world? I’d be much appreciative. And, who knows? Things might be about to get real cray up in here. I’ve found that’s what happens with those out of they minds. So, if that’s you, you’ve come to the right place.

Peace and love and all those nice things that people say but I really do mean today,


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34 thoughts on “Here She Goes…

  1. Amy Mac

    Do I really get to be first?! I feel special…but mostly because you have invited us in. Looking forward to this ride. Bring it on!


  2. David E. Huebner

    I esp like that’s so 2008, which is how I feel about politics. Great start! Now keep it up!


  3. Weltha

    Annnnnnnd…they’re OFF! She’s off…it’s off…you know what I mean. Good job, Heidi. We’re glad you’re a bloggin’ woman again.


  4. JB

    Congratulations on your new website Heidi!!! Since teaching your oldest blonde boy TEN years ago, I have admired how you intentionally parent all your children and even loved on my baby while I tutored one of yours (even though I spilled and ENTIRE cup of coffee down your stairs! (Cringe!)) Good Luck with your blog! Much love- from Mrs. JB 🙂


  5. Julie Reid

    Lets get going I’m excited by your words, even the parts where your not going to agree with me!


  6. Renea Lynch

    I am stoked that you’re finally launching! Even though we’ve only met thru social media (fb) and have been virtual friends for only about 3 years I feel like I know you so well. I’d be the friend who camps out in that chair at the end of your driveway asking Kirk to haul it to my house….I’m sure there’s plenty of good use left in it. 😉 well maybe not with 11 kids. We haven’t always agreed on every topic but I love ya like Jesus. Congrats on the launch! Wishing you an awesome new year of success. Xoxo


  7. Flannery

    So excited to read your insightful words again!! I think about you and your beautiful family often, and I hope this space is rewarding and therapeutic for you 🙂


  8. Julie

    So excited to be here! I sat next to you at the dinner table at C4C 2013 and gave you a shocked look when you told me how many kids you had, but never the less, I’m looking forward to hearing more!


  9. Kelly V

    Looks interesting…..and funny….and real……I think and contemplate and make decisions much like you. Seems we may learn from each other…….


    1. heidi Post author

      You know it, Cate! It’s my Go-To Meal of Awesomeness. And I take it up a level of Awesomeness by making some of my kids share a hot dog. WINNING, people. WINNING.


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