So, if you’re like me and super busy during the school year (whether homeschooling or not), you know that one of the best things about summer (besides sleeping in every morning) is that you finally have some time to tackle those projects and check them off your list! {Three cheers from my fellow Type-A’ers!}

I mean, not to boast (I would never!), but I’m eleven days into summer and have three projects checked off my list. {Let’s hear those hip-hip-hoorays again!}

Project #1: Reorganize the Garage

My minions and I gutted this place, filled the Suburban and another car to the brim with stuff we just don’t need (17 pairs of rollerblades, anyone?), took it all to Goodwill, and put some order back into the chaos.

Voilà. As it should be. Ladder on hooks. Bikes on racks. Labeled shelves. And all sports-ish items in their proper bins.

Project #2: De-Rust and Repaint Family Van

So as not to ruin our classy image, I decided it was about time to rid our DreamCloud of the rust on the roof and repaint that beast. It thrilled me. Can’t you tell?


Don’t be jealous of my wheels, yo! They be MINE.



Project #3 (and my favorite so far!): Skateboard Swing

I can’t take credit for this idea, as I read the how-to right here, but I took some liberties to do what worked best for our set-up. Despite some delays with a stuck drill-bit and a sudden downpour of rain on our project which required that I climb a fifteen-foot tall, soaking wet ladder poised not-so-securely against a tree branch while a storm thundered above me—Kids, don’t try that at home, I finally finished what turned out to be a super fun and fairly simple project. (Time spent: Should have been 30 minutes. Actually: 1.5 hours)


Our Supplies: Old skateboard (that we already owned), 100-foot rope with 398-lb. weight limit, caribeeners (you only need two), and 1.25″-wide dowel. Simple. Cheap.


Three of my helpers. Or something like that.


Drill, baby. Drill!

And of course, she who builds it gets to test it out first. Oh, yes she does!



Simona. Super funness.


Project #4: ?

What’s next? Well, let’s just say that Ana White and I are about to get super acquainted. I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, I would love to know what kinds of Summer Project Good Times you’re about to have as well, so please comment and share ideas and links!

Happy Summer Project-ing to ya!


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