So a thing happened this year…

We moved. Far away. From suburban Tennessee to Washington, D.C.


Awesome long story short, on the National Day of Mourning (November 9th, 2016), my husband was out-of-the-blue recruited for a job at an international non-profit here in D.C. WE JUMPED ON IT.

Fast-forward after a semester of me single parenting nine kids and studying for the LSAT and packing up our house in Tennessee, we loaded up the truck and headed to our new home in our nation’s capital and rejoined the husband/dad so this woman could have her sanity back.

Me and my baby on the 4th of July in our new hometown.


We belong here. City-living. Metropolitan life. International city. Walking distance to everything we could ever want. Museums. Monuments. Action. Diversity. Super rad photo opps. We love it. Absolutely love it.

And then another thing happened…

The seven kids still living at home (two 10th graders, an 8th grader, two 7th graders, a 6th grader, and a 2nd grader) all went to public school. All. Of. Them. For the first time in almost a decade, no child is home during the day. Which means for the first time in my entire life EVER, I am home alone. Sans children. All day long.

But I mentioned the LSAT. Because while the kids are in school, I’m working on law school applications for Fall 2018 admission. But it’s only Fall 2017 right now. So you get what I’m getting at, right?


So I don’t care if I’m not 19. This is my Gap Year. My year off before I hit the ground running as a first-year law student at the age of 40. (Rule-following is apparently overrated.)

Which means it’s my Sabbath Year. MY year. Because the last decade? Adoptions and homeschooling and attachment disorders and therapists and SO.MANY.HARD.THINGS and I’m tired. I’m worn. And I am in recovery mode. A year of rest and relaxing and intentional peace. I’m almost 40 (October, baby). So I’m screwing the guilt and taking care of ME and doing all the things *I* want to do. Because I’m almost 40, dammit. Did you hear? And no one can tell me what to do.

So I am doing what I want this year. My Gap Year. My Sabbath.

I joined a gym. Orange Theory Fitness, anyone? I’M OBSESSED. Because, again, Almost 40 And Want My Body Back. I can and I will.

Headed to OTF just a few blocks away. I. LOVE. MY. CITY.

And like a proper teenager-almost-40-year-old, I hung a bulletin board in my bedroom corridor, complete with fashion tips, Oprah-esque quotes, photos, and other such magazine-cut-out inspirations. Because, again, Almost 40 And Doing Whatever Makes Me Happy.

Living my best life, you guys. Because my bulletin board tells me so.


And I’m doing something totally RAD to take advantage of this WHOLE YEAR OFF:

I’m visiting every single museum in D.C.

Every. Single. One.

Last count, there were 70. That’s 2-3 per week during my kids’ school year. So I’m doing it. All of them. Cool, right? TOTALLY. Yay, museums! My true love! Woo hoo!

And because I want to document my Gap Year D.C. Tour of Museums 2017-2018, I’m blogging them. I’m videoing and taking notes and pictures and I’m blogging.

So I’m going to stop talking now, because today was Museum #1. Which means I have a blog to write and a recap-response video to upload to the universe.

Oh, Gap Year. I so deserve you. And I’m gonna own you so good.


6 thoughts on “I’m Turning 40. I deserve this Gap Year.

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  2. Elizabeth Yorks

    YES!!! I am so excited for this, I LOVE museums, thanks for taking us with you!!! Have a blast, you totally deserve it.


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