Once upon a time in hot and humid Texas, a quiet, inquisitive girl was born. That little blonde girl did some growing up, moved to Tennessee with her family, had a change of hair color (the first of many, though this one quite naturally), and emerged out of shyness into an independent, fiery, Jesus-loving, injustice-fighting, passionate, chestnut-haired teenage girl who was serious about Jesus, academics, Africa, and all of her ambitions.

One day—literally, in one day—she fell in love with an easy-going, Jesus-loving, soulful singing, incredibly über good-looking teenage boy. They graduated high school. They went to college. When they were 20, they got married. When they were 21, they had a baby boy. (That’s a whole blog post in and of itself.) Just a bit later they added a little girl. And then another bit later, another little boy.

They settled down to raise their family, but the passionate girl was now a restless, Jesus-loving, injustice-fighting, passionate, who-knows-what-color-haired, 20-something woman who was ready to take on the world and asked God to send her into it as a doctor, missionary, or both. Instead, he sent the world to her. Adoption. Within one and a half years, this little family grew from three kids to nine kids. A year later, another little boy was born to them, and then there were ten. Two years later, adoption again, and eleven kids now call themselves Weimers.

Kirk and Heidi Dec 2012Today this woman is almost-40 me, Heidi Weimer, (still) married to almost-40 and (still) über good-looking Kirk. When I’m not drinking Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast, managing the beautiful chaos, checking Facebook, jamming to Katy Perry or Hamilton, shopping online for groceries, folding mounds of laundry, yelling at my kids to shut the door, at the movies with my fellow film-loving husband, or binge-watching a popular show that I somehow missed in the last ten years (Grey’s, anyone?), you can find me writing children’s books (check them out on Amazon), filling out law school applications, working out at Orange Theory (obsessed!), blogging about everything just and unjust about life on this peculiar planet, and getting my hair colored. In that order. Or not.

In July of 2017, our family and our seven youngest (the 4 oldest are graduated and grown now), packed up and left suburban Nashville for city living in our nation’s capital. So we are now permanent Washingtonians and loving metropolitan living in D.C.! Kirk works for a non-profit that fights human trafficking around the world, and I’m headed to law school in 2018.

So there you go. And here you are.

These are the musings, rants, comics, and antics from a Jesus-loving, justice-seeking, nose-pierced, tattoo clad, ever restless, overly thinking, always dreaming, never settling, always rambling, how-did-I-get-here?-wondering writer, speaker, student, author, traveler, anti-bandwaggoner, mom of 11 living in Washington, D.C.. I’m probably awake right now and pontificating on life or maybe practicing stand-up comedy to my family because they get bonus points for laughing or possibly preaching a passionate mini-sermon in my bed while nobody’s listening except my husband because he says he likes it. I am (obviously) out of my mind.

Oh, and I’m now blonde again. Because. Why not? #outofshemind, you guys.

Me and my misfit gang.

Me and my misfit gang.