Unpacking the Mystery of Forgiveness in the Day After Day After Day Forgiveness. It’s always seemed like such a heavy word to me. One that evokes a unique weightiness. Intention. Deliberation. It’s what we’re commanded to do. What we teach to our kids. What we demand from others. What we give to ourselves, even when we don’t realize that we do. What we know is best for us. You don’t even have to believe in the God of the Universe… Read more »

She was all hooked up. Ready for the Pitocin to start dripping. She winced at the thought of induced labor. And then, in a pathetic attempt to assuage her concerns, he let those words roll off his tongue, “All labor is the same. Labor is labor.” I wanted to kick my friend’s obstetrician. Where it counts. Right then and there in the matchbox-sized labor and delivery room. To teach him a thing or two about pain. Because having had giganto… Read more »

How communication, mis-, and lack thereof affects relationships…and practical ways we can enhance and protect them in this dizzying digital age Communication. It’s been an issue in relationships since humanity began and Adam told Eve “Oh, no, you didn’t.” At its worst, it’s the bane of many marriages. The final straw of more than one friendship. The ultimate extinguisher of a once-roaring romance. Of course, at its best, it’s also the sign he loved in the first place. The reason… Read more »

Why You Should Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution {right this minute}…and Make One that Really Counts If you’re reading this blog during the first week of January—the week of original posting, there’s a seriously good chance that just days prior you made a New Year’s resolution. And, let’s be honest, no matter when you’re reading this blog, there is a darn good chance you’ve already broken it. (No yelling at my kids? I made it 1.75 days. Congratulations to me.)… Read more »