“If all the people who were burned by Christians actually met the Jesus of the Bible, they would love Him. No one would reject that Jesus.” -my friend and a not-yet follower of Jesus, speaking truth Yes. my friend. I get it. And I don’t disagree. Because unfortunately the brand of Jesus we “believers” have tried to sell to the world is often nothing but a mere fabrication, a pathetic and pitiful, artificial stand-in for the real, living and breathing… Read more »

UPDATE: On March 26, 2014, sources announced that World Vision is REVERSING its decision to employ those who are gay. While this makes me incredibly sad beyond words and literally sick to my stomach because of the mixed message we Christians are sending to the world, it does NOT change our charge as followers of Jesus to LOVE all. In fact, it only reinforces the message of this entire blog post. And now that the naysayers (i.e. bullies) seem to… Read more »

Repost•Reuse•Recycle {This is a mostly recycled post from my adoption blog a couple years ago. And, I’m reposting not because I’m lazy or have no new material—at least not today, but because this topic is very timely and the words still very true. I hope it ministers to you in some way today, or maybe in the future when it’s real in your life as well. It’s fairly lengthy, but I hope you will read to the finish.}   Though… Read more »

Why the Nye vs. Ham Debate is one of the worst ideas ever…Sigh. The first time I saw it while scrolling my newsfeed, I instinctively reacted with a groan. Ugh. Science vs. religion. Evolutionists vs. Creationists. Those who would question vs. those who would accept it at face value. Bill Nye the famous Science Guy vs. Ken Ham, the president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. The great debate that isn’t and never should be. February… Read more »