So a thing happened this year… We moved. Far away. From suburban Tennessee to Washington, D.C. AND WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. Awesome long story short, on the National Day of Mourning (November 9th, 2016), my husband was out-of-the-blue recruited for a job at an international non-profit here in D.C. WE JUMPED ON IT. Fast-forward after a semester of me single parenting nine kids and studying for the LSAT and packing up our house in Tennessee, we loaded up the truck… Read more »

A Manifesto of Mercy for Goodness Sake for Meal-Making Moms Everywhere Freaking.Blessed.Facebook and Blogworld. Oh, how I love you and hate you all at once. In my almost sixteen years of Momness, Mom Guilt has been mostly a stranger to me. That is, until YOU happened, darn Zuckerbergermeister and your Bulletin Board of Braggy, Boasty Balogna Sandwiches. Never had I been tempted to feel ashamed because I SUCK at cooking, until YOU happened. Never had I felt even slightly embarrassed… Read more »

Why You Should Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution {right this minute}…and Make One that Really Counts If you’re reading this blog during the first week of January—the week of original posting, there’s a seriously good chance that just days prior you made a New Year’s resolution. And, let’s be honest, no matter when you’re reading this blog, there is a darn good chance you’ve already broken it. (No yelling at my kids? I made it 1.75 days. Congratulations to me.)… Read more »