{The following is a guest post by a dear person who accepted my invitation and request that she share her experiences from the dark abyss of suicide. I applaud her for her courage in writing, and I trust and pray that her words will reach even just one. Please understand that only gentle and loving comments on this delicate and painful topic will be allowed. Thank you.}   When I was asked to write this guest blog post on such… Read more »

Hello, Ms. Coulter, I hope this somewhat lengthy letter finds you well and totally Ebola-free. (And if you can believe it, I’ve never opened a letter with those words.) I wavered on whether or not to write you, not because you don’t know me and probably won’t read this anyway, but because all of my friends told me not to. They said it wouldn’t do any good. That it would be a waste of time. That your post about Dr…. Read more »

“If all the people who were burned by Christians actually met the Jesus of the Bible, they would love Him. No one would reject that Jesus.” -my friend and a not-yet follower of Jesus, speaking truth Yes. my friend. I get it. And I don’t disagree. Because unfortunately the brand of Jesus we “believers” have tried to sell to the world is often nothing but a mere fabrication, a pathetic and pitiful, artificial stand-in for the real, living and breathing… Read more »