It was my honor and privilege to get to review and officially endorse this book a few months ago, and I have to tell you this book is a breath of fresh air for adoptive parents and those walking alongside us folks. If you are considering ADOPTION, in the process, have already adopted, or just have close ties to someone connected to adoption, you MUST get this book! Written by a dear friend, Mary Ostyn (popular blogger at Owlhaven), it… Read more »

So I got to thinking {which, in my life as a homeschooling mom of eleven kids, is a good, rare, and dangerous opportunity}, and it’s not lost on me that I don’t exactly fit certain molds. I know. Get your jaw off that floor. It’s true. Now, this doesn’t ruffle my feathers—I rather enjoy it, as I refuse to be pigeonholed. {Ooh. Weird. Unintended bird motif there.} And if I didn’t have blue hair streaks, a nose ring, tattoos, and… Read more »